Storage Food Manufacturers:
Alpineaire Foods
P.O. Box 926
Nevada City, CA 95959
Phone: (800) 322-6325
Fax: (916) 272-2624

Shelf stable foods with a long storage life, many requiring no cooking. See distributors list on their website for retail dealers.

Freeze Dry Foods, Ltd.
579 Speer Rd.
Oakville, Ontario L6K 264
Phone: (905) 844-1471
Fax: (905) 844-8140

A Canadian freeze-dried foods manufacturer producing Hardee® freeze-dried foods for camping. Contact them directly for a list of dealers.

"Hardee produces a complete line of freeze-dried meals, including meat dishes, to satisfy the most demanding consumer."

Mountain House
Oregon Freeze Dry, Inc.
P.O. Box 1048
Albany, OR 97321
Phone: (800) 547-0244
Fax: (541) 967-6527

Manufacturer of Mountain House® freeze dried foods in pouches and larger cans. List of dealers and stocking stores on site.

Ready Reserve Foods
"Will your family be left with an empty plate?"

P.O. Box 697
1442 S. Gage
Beaumont, CA 92408
Phone: (800) 453-2202

Over 100 different dry food products for long term storage. Contact the company directly for a list of dealers. While Ready Reserve Foods does not have their own web site, click on the RRF distributor's link above for complete info.

P.O. Box 1129
215 South Mullins St.
Mullins, SC 29574
Phone: (800) 276-9678
Phone: (888) 276-9678
Fax: (803) 464-2178

Manufacturer of military MRE's and civilian brand *Camp & Trail* and humanitarian pouch meals. Product info on web site - contact company directly for dealer information.