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Storey Communications, Inc.
Country Wisdom Bulletins
RR1 Box 105
Pownal, VT 05261-9988
Phone: (800) 441-5700

There are more than 60 of these very handy, clearly written bulletins. Many of the authors are well known experts, and these booklets are a condensation of one topic, or the information has been excerpted from a bigger, more expensive book.

All booklets are 32 pages long, have graphics and or photographs and are up-to-date, very practical information sources. Each "how to" booklet is easy to read and offers clear direction. They are a great place to start a small building a compost holder or mulching a garden properly. At $3.55 each they are affordable and a fast read.

Back to Basics
P.O. Box 1138
Waynesville, NC 28786
Phone: (828) 452-2866

Back to Basics is a small mail order company located in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains in Waynesville, North Carolina. They carry several useful preparedness books as well as other products.

Survival Books
P.O. Box 20
Woodland Hills, CA 91365-0020
Phone: (818) 704-1818
Fax: (818) 704-0322

One of the better sources for books on the "fringe" that mainstream publishers and bookstores won't touch. Here you'll find everything from wilderness survival skills to manufacturing your own fully-automatic 9mm rifle.

The Hesperian Foundation
1919 Addison Street, Suite 304
Berkeley, CA 94704
Phone: (510) 845-1447
Fax: (510) 845-0539

Where There is No Doctor and Where There is No Dentist are self-help medical books published by the Hesperian Foundation for use in third-world countries. While they seem to believe people in these countries can only understand vulgar and crude language for bodily parts and processes (and write their books accordingly), these are still two of the best medical texts available at a reasonable cost. If you aren't too put off by the language I highly recommend them.

Backwoods Home Magazine
"Practical ideas for self-reliant living"

P.O. Box 712
Gold Beach, OR 97444
Phone: (541) 247-8900
Orders: (800) 835-2418

Published bi-monthly, this is one of the best preparedness magazines that I know of. In addition to extremely helpful articles on a variety of subjects, they have Anthologies of their back issues as well as a large selection of pertinent books. If nothing else, visit their website to look over all the collateral material and services they provide online.

"Welcome to the Best LDS and Children's Bookstore on the Web"

1643 Lakewood Dr.
Salt Lake City, UT 84117-7517
Phone: (801) 278 7102
Fax: (801) 272 6778
Orders: (800) 669 5191

This is a LDS web site which carries several books you will find useful. They also carry the Revelar Software "Food Storage Planner v2.03" for $29.95. If you're just starting on your preparedness you will find this program extremely helpful. It is available for both Windows and MacIntosh.

Countryside Magazine
W11564 Hwy 64
Withee, WI 54498
Phone: (800) 551-5691
Fax: (715) 785-7414

Learn about organic gardening, raising small livestock, country cooking, alternative energy, food preservation, and more about everything you want to know about simple, self-reliant living. They currently (8/31/99) have a Trial Subscription Offer; 6 months (3 issues) for $4.95.

P.O. Box 80387
Seattle, WA 98101-80387
Phone: (800) 201-7575
Email: (click here for listing)

This is a great online bookstore which can usually get any title you may want, even if out of print. Pricing is from 20 - 50 percent below retail on most titles.


Phone: (800) 843-2665
Email: (click here for listing)

This is another online bookstore that I've found useful -- it sometimes has books that I've been unable to find on Amazon.Com.

"Overstocks, remainders, out-of-print..."

171-C Brush Street
P.O. Box 8515
Ukiah, California 95482-8515
Phone: (800) 949-4946
Email: (click here for listing)

You can save up to 80 percent on titles at the Bargain Book Warehouse and never pay a "per book" handling charge.

100 Phoenix Drive
Ann Arbor, MI 48108-2202
Phone: (800) 770-7811
Email: (click here for listing)

Another good online bookstore resource.

Book Stacks Unlimited, Inc.
1300 East 9th Street
Suite L22
Cleveland, OH 44114
Phone: (216) 696-1050

This is another good online book store. They usually ship within 2-3 business days and often have lower prices than anyone else and provide a "Price Comparison" tool that quickly compares their price to Amazon.Com, Barnes & Noble, and Borders.