Water Treatment & Storage:
Sam Andy
P.O. Box 240
Aledo, TX 76008
Phone: (800) 594-9046
Phone: (817) 441-1165
Fax: (770) 496-4305
Email: sales@foodbanking.com

Emergency non-rigid water tanks, 250 gal. and 500 gal. sizes, 30 mil. FDA-approved material, weighs 17 pounds empty. Shipping included in price.

12 Main Street
Dexter, ME 04930
Phone: (888) 742-6275
Fax: (888) 925-4843
Email: info@watertanks.com
or sales@watertanks.com

This site has masses of information on everything having to do with water -- how to store, treat and filter water safely. They have a full line of products other than water treatment and storage products, such as food.

Unique Maintenance Products
"Protecting your investment"

P.O. Box 1703
Rogue River, OR 97537
Phone: (541) 582-4521
Phone: (800) 362-5397
Fax: (541) 582-9178
Email: info@4unique.com

Suppliers of Purogene water treatment and various water filtering systems.

"To guarantee safe bacteria free drinking water supply use Purogene. Purogene is excellent for treating drinking water while camping, boating, RVing, or for y2k water storage and disaster preparedness."

Eagle Spring Filtraton, Inc.
"The Mission Portable Water Filter"

1050 N. Beach Street
Holly Hill, FL 32117
Phone: (904) 239-7620
Fax: (904) 239-7615
Email: eaglespr@bellsouth.net

Eagle Spring's Mission Filter has been used around the world to provide clean, safe drinking water to disaster sites. It's dual-stage cleaning process provides up to 1,800 gallons of potable water before replacement of the filter media is necessary. The filter system is portable and only costs $50 ($25 to churches and relief agencies) while a set of replacement filters (2 required) only costs $15/set.

Rife Hydraulic Engine Mfg. Co. Inc.
"Pump water without electricity or fuel!"

P.O. Box 95
Nanticoke, PA 18634
Phone: (570) 740-1100
Fax: (570) 740-1101 Email: info@riferam.com

The Rife company has been in business for 115 years manufacturing water pumps which do not require electricity or fuel, such as ram or sling pumps.

Boss Pump & Well
"Your water source!"

9431 Hwy 301 S.
Riverview, FL 33569
Phone: (813) 689-4909
Email: watrsource@aol.com

This company sells deep well hand pumps (down to 210 ft.), pitcher pumps, electric deep well pumps, tanks and accessories. They offer technical advice free of charge.

Hul & Asso Water Filtration
"PurAqua Portable UV Water Purifier"

949 W. Spring Creek Pkwy.
Plano Tx 75023-4431
Phone: (972) 517-5918
Phone: (888) 417-5918
Email: dcraigh@onramp.net

Hul & Asso. are manufacturers representatives for the PurAqua portable ultra-violet water purifier. The unit can be run off household or 12 v. electrical supply.

The Clorox Company
"Natural Disasters: Be Prepared, Stay Healthy"

1221 Broadway
Oakland, CA 94612
Phone: (51) 271-7732
Email: laundry@casupport.com

This online newsletter provided by Clorox gives basic information about disaster preparedness, cleanup tips to help reduce the risk of illnesses that disaster conditions can bring, and info on using Clorox to purify drinking water.

Summary Of Water Pasteurization Techniques
by Dale Andreatta, Ph. D., P. E
S.E.A. Inc.
7349 Worthington-Galena Rd.
Columbus, OH 43085
Phone: (614) 888-4160
Fax: (614) 888-4160

This article is very informative and shows how to pasteurize water using solar energy and a few simple materials.